My first "modern" yoyo purchase.

I had messed with yoyos for years but (in the days before internet) never really made any progress past up and down, sleeper, and walk the dog. While on vacation in Seattle, I stopped into a small toy store called "magic mouse toys" while waiting for my Seattle underground tour to begin. It was at this toy store I bought a Y maverick on a whim, prior to this i had only ever owned Duncan imperials and butterflies. So at 36 years old I threw my first bearing yoyo and i remember being so impressed with it. First off it was all aluminum which was so cool, and with the bearing i remember saying things like wow this thing will sleep for days. it spun so hard and came back so fast that it hurt my hand, but i liked this feeling. I still couldn't do any trick with it but i stil carried it with me everywhere i went.

It was a couple days later when while back at the hotel at night i decided to look up yoyo trick on youtube and discovered Andre Boulays videos this changed everything. Suddenly i could do stuff, and with in a couple days people thought i was a yoyo god. Which is part of the early joy of this hobby, most people don't know what really good yoyoing looks like. So you get a lot of early encouragement to keep learning. The down side of this comes a few months later when you are doing harder things, people wont notice your improvement, but your still a badass in their minds. but by this time your hooked and not really caring that much about impressing others.

Anyway that's the beginning for me.

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