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YYF AvantGarde2

Today i purchased my first prolevel yoyo. The YoYo Factory AvantGarde 2 only 3 weeks after getting hooked by that Yomega Maverick I bought in Seattle.

I picked it up for $125 today at the Yoyoexpert booth while attending the Yoyo Triplecrown event in downtown Chicago. The event was pretty awesome, it was a perfect day and a perfect location for it. well not as perfect as my backyard would have been but I'll live. What amazed me the most was not so much the people on stage but the skill of the kids in the audience. It was a very humbling to see. I also picked up a couple of werrd clip holders from thier booth. they came all the way from australia for this event.

yoyoexpert was giving away trading cards of their sponsored pros that were in attendance, so i picked those up and got them signed. only one i knew was Andre Boulay because i had been watching his videos. He signed the card and seemed like a really nice and humble guy.

Was a pretty awesome day, hers some pics of the AG2.


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