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Christmas surprise


The Oxygene Ti 9.06 titanium milled yoyo. Only 40 were made and st $465 is probably the most expensive yoyo available at the moment. thanks to my lovely wife for this.


a bit of a review. It is a beautiful work of art. however as a yoyo it is a nice throw, but not $465 nice. more in the $125 dollar range. The binds are somewhat slippy with slick 6 50/50 string. It is a fingerprint magnet. It looks beautiful when polished up but, when in regular use it doesn't look so good. Also Titanium isn't as tough as i thought it was going to be. I hit ground on some concrete and got a noticeable scratch that could be seen and felt.  I have had similar impacts with my 60/61 aluminum YYF AvantGarde2 that took less damage. This fact was a bit of a shock to me.

All this being said it was an awesome christmas present, is a good throw, and has become my daily carry.

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