Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery

Here is an android agme i have been really impressed by. The music alone is worth the cost.

YoYo Holster review

The YoYo Factory: YoYo Holder         $5.99     


This holder will keep your yoyo safe, but the length of it and the swing that arises from normal walking is just no good. I bought one of these and an hour later put it in a drawer to be forgotten. The quality of the build seems to be ok, but I question how long the joint between the elastic cord and the canvas tongue will last. The carabineer is the same as the one used by the Werrd holder.














The YoMega OOCH                         $5.00     


This is the same design as the YoYo Factory holder. Only differences are the tongue of this holder is made out of what feels like part of a mouse pad, And if memory serves me (because I gave this one away: thus no picture), This holder hangs even lower than than the YoYo Factory. This holder didn’t even last the hour.







The Werrd YoYo Holder                    $5.00 



The simplicity of this holder is genius just a wooden ball with a hole in it which can accommodate any of the popular “live strong” style bands, which gives this holder and advantage of being customizable.


The hang length of this holder is a medium at about 6 inches, the swing of a 6 inch holder while walking is noticeable but tolerable.


The carabineer is adequate, but feels very cheap and weak. It is the same type used by the YoYo Factory and YoMega holders.


The only real con of this holder is that the wooden ball can slip upward. And anytime it is not snug against the yoyo it will ding against it (doing no damage) but making an audible noise. You will find yourself frequently tightening it just to make the noise stop. Note: This slippage never makes me think that I will lose my yoyo even when all the way up the yoyo still feels secure.





YoTricks Double Bloop – YoYo Holder        $7.99


This is not the prettiest of the holders I have tried, but I will say it is my favorite. The length when holding a single yoyo is short and swing is non-existent. The yoyo feels very secure in both single and double carry mode, and access is quick and easy. The carabineer is much thicker and sturdier than the others I have reviewed; even the elastic cord has a thicker weave around it that just feels better. There are 2 spring loaded string stops that will keep yoyos separated in double carry mode. When in single carry mode they extra elastic can come up around the yoyo again for an even more secure hold.


The only negative I have about this holder is that the knots at the top looks like a something that would make a sailor cry, but when a yoyo is in it you can’t see it so not a big deal.

I would recommend putting a drop of superglue on the 4 cut ends of the 2 cords to keep the weave from unraveling. Note: mine did not unravel but it appeared that it might so I took this action preventatively.


I have not owned a Bloop single or the “designer leather holster” from yoyoexpert, so I can make any comments about them.

Christmas surprise


The Oxygene Ti 9.06 titanium milled yoyo. Only 40 were made and st $465 is probably the most expensive yoyo available at the moment. thanks to my lovely wife for this.


a bit of a review. It is a beautiful work of art. however as a yoyo it is a nice throw, but not $465 nice. more in the $125 dollar range. The binds are somewhat slippy with slick 6 50/50 string. It is a fingerprint magnet. It looks beautiful when polished up but, when in regular use it doesn't look so good. Also Titanium isn't as tough as i thought it was going to be. I hit ground on some concrete and got a noticeable scratch that could be seen and felt.  I have had similar impacts with my 60/61 aluminum YYF AvantGarde2 that took less damage. This fact was a bit of a shock to me.

All this being said it was an awesome christmas present, is a good throw, and has become my daily carry.

Permenant scar

Had a bad bind with my YYF avantgarde2, did a hard breakaway that really broke away came back up clocked me in the eyebrow hard enough that was dazed and dizzy for a while. Im quite certain this could have knocked out several teeth if hit in the mouth.

meh...  Im still throwing, and chicks dig scars lol.

YYF AvantGarde2

Today i purchased my first prolevel yoyo. The YoYo Factory AvantGarde 2 only 3 weeks after getting hooked by that Yomega Maverick I bought in Seattle.

I picked it up for $125 today at the Yoyoexpert booth while attending the Yoyo Triplecrown event in downtown Chicago. The event was pretty awesome, it was a perfect day and a perfect location for it. well not as perfect as my backyard would have been but I'll live. What amazed me the most was not so much the people on stage but the skill of the kids in the audience. It was a very humbling to see. I also picked up a couple of werrd clip holders from thier booth. they came all the way from australia for this event.

yoyoexpert was giving away trading cards of their sponsored pros that were in attendance, so i picked those up and got them signed. only one i knew was Andre Boulay because i had been watching his videos. He signed the card and seemed like a really nice and humble guy.

Was a pretty awesome day, hers some pics of the AG2.